Part II: John Adams and the Balance of Power

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John Adams - Balance of Power

Chapter 5 – A New Look at Federalism


  • The Conundrum of Federalism
  • The Exclusive Power of Judicial Review
  • The Constitution as a Living Document
  • State Tax Power versus National Tax Power
  • The Constitution, the Senate, and the States
  • How Can We Solve the Conundrum?
  • The Ultimate Authority

Chapter 6 – The History of Mixed Government


  • The Cycle of Ancient Government Forms
  • The Cause and the Cure of the Cycle
  • Mixed Government and John Adams
  • Mixed Government in the Ancient World
  • Mixed Government in Great Britain
  • Mixed Government and the Magna Carta
  • Mixed Government in Early America
  • The Disappearance of Mixed Government

Chapter 7 – A Proposal from John Adams


  • Liberty Requires Representative Democracy
  • Representative Democracy or Elective Aristocracy?
  • Representative Democracy Undermines Liberty
  • The Great Gap in our Understanding
  • John Adams’ Solution to the Conundrum
  • A Very Strange Boxing Match
  • Adams Clings to Mixed Government
  • Conditions for Success
  • The Power of a Number

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