III.3: Legal Corruption

Would a truly wise person even want to run for political office today? In a previous post, I said that a wise person would desire a solid and comfortable income. And I described how that is different from the ridiculous wealth that most politicians are able to amass through their manipulation of insider information. Corruption … Read more

III.1: Campaign Contributions, Free Speech, and Bribes

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that campaign contributions are a form of free speech. That is, your freedom to help a politician pay for advertisements is similar to your freedom to speak on his or her behalf. But you support a politician because you want them to support your personal interests over other people‚Äôs … Read more

I.1: America’s Representative Democracy

What is “business as usual” in America’s representative democracy today? Government by two gangs (political parties) has replaced government by the people’s representatives. Politicians must get re-elected, so they cater to their largest campaign donors. Rich and powerful elites dominate both parties. Each party wipes out the previous accomplishments of the other, so little ever … Read more