II.4: Liberty and Equality are Inseparable

Many people hold the poisonous view that liberty and equality are opposites. Some see liberty and equality as “antithetical, not complementary and certainly not identical”. (Walker 1981, 138) It is true that total liberty would allow skilled people to rise above the unskilled, leading to inequality. And total equality would mean that skilled people would … Read more

II.3: Liberty plus Equality

Are we too cynical to even try to imagine what greater liberty and greater equality together would be like? Maybe our current system only seems so wonderful because it’s so much better than the empires and feudal systems that existed before. Maybe it’s only our lack of vision that makes us think we can’t have … Read more

II.2: Liberty or Equality – a False Choice?

If you had to choose either liberty or equality for America, which would you choose? Of course, that begs a more important question: Do we have to choose between them at all? Do we even have to compromise between them? I argue that this is simply another way of looking at the false choice between … Read more

I.3: American Society’s Most Fundamental Needs

Humanity’s biggest problem is human nature. But humans cannot change human nature. So, to meet American society’s most fundamental needs, we need a government that restrains our nature. And compared to history, our government does a marvelous job of that. But by any absolute standard, our government fails to stop corruption. That tells us that … Read more